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Indy Southside Church of the Nazarene exists to shine our light on Jesus and to make fully-developed disciples in our community. We offer a variety of ministries for the people of Indianapolis, doing everything we can to show the love of Christ in a very real and practical way, showing care so we can then point them to the ultimate Caregiver...


HOPE PANTRY: Every fourth Thursday of the month, Indy Southside opens its doors for our food pantry. We serve about fifty families ever month by supplying free groceries, offering a listening ear, and getting to know those in our community. Hope Pantry's doors are open from 6-7 PM.

COMMUNITY CARE: On the second Thursday of the month, we have various other events for our community. We offer things like health insurance navigation, legal assistance for immigrants, community game nights, driver's training in preparation for taking the test at the BMV, healthy living classes, ESL classes for non-native speakers, and more...



Since Indy Southside Naz exists to shine our light on Jesus, doing that in a tangible way is a huge priority to us. We are passionate about meeting both the spiritual AND the physical needs of our community. Check out some of our ministries below!


HOPE PANTRY: Every fourth Thursday at 6:00 PM, Indy Southside Naz provides a food pantry for our community. We hand out bags of groceries and other necessities.

COMMUNITY NIGHT: On the second Thursday at 6:30 PM, Indy Southside Naz gives out hot meals with no strings attached. Each person is given a to-go box filled with a delicious meal.


SOUTHSIDE JUNIOR SOCCER: (Temporary Hiatus) Each fall, Indy Southside Naz offers a free soccer league for kids from pre-K up to sixth grade. We have practice or games each Saturday of the season. Southside Junior Soccer is a fun, healthy environment for the children of our community to get active while meeting new friends in a safe place.

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