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NAZARENE MISSIONS INTERNATIONAL: NMI is our ministry that focuses on Missions around the world. We have missionaries from around the world come and speak about their ministries, and we also partner with Chapman International College, a Bible college in Thailand. Also, Indy Southside participates in reading our denomination's mission books to better understand the lives and stories of those on the mission field. Click here to access them! 

SOUTHSIDE WORSHIP TEAM: For those who feel like God has given them talent in the area of music, Indy Southside has opportunities to use those talents to glorify him!

SMALL GROUPS: At Indy Southside, we are actively building our small group ministries. Here are some of the small groups we are offering right now and more are being added (Men and Women's Bible Studies, Young Adult Bible Study, Matu Prayer Groups, a Healthy Living class, and more). Reach out to us for more information about what we offering here or are interested in connecting to a small group.

SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES: Every Sunday morning, we offer classes sponsored by SDMI (Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International). We have Sunday School classes for all ages and have different focuses!