May 16, 2020

Members and Friends of Southside Church of the Nazarene:


Listed below, you will find the details of Southside Church of the Nazarene’s plan for the reopening our church facilities and the protocols the church board has put into place for the coming months.  It must be distinctly understood that due to the uncertainty of our times, everything below (phases and protocols) are subject to change should the situation with the pandemic change and merit our adjustments.


At the outset, it is important to understand that these protocols are our attempt to keep our people and guests safe during this time.  We understand that there will be those who still do not feel ßcomfortable in returning to corporate worship as of yet; therefore, we plan to maintain our livestream worship format for your worship convenience.


It is further to be understood that some will feel inconvenienced by some of these protocols. It is not the intention of the church board, nor the pastoral leadership team to overburden you with regulations; however, it is our desire to err on the side of caution.  Therefore, we have established the following four-phase plan for the reopening of all of our facilities.


PHASE 1:  (June 1-30)


  • During this phase, our services will be held in the pavilion outside.  Our first worship service in our outdoor pavilion will be Sunday, (June 12).  During these services, worshipers are encouraged to choose whether to worship from their car or to bring their own lawn chairs.

  • Worshipers will maintain a minimum of six feet between themselves and other members of the congregation not of their own household.  Family members who live in the same household will be allowed to sit in family units.

  • Children who attend will be required to stay with their family units.

  • There will be no usage of the church restrooms during this time.

  • Offerings will be received online, through the mail, and by use of the offering box available as you exit the parking lot.

  • We will continue to livestream all worship services, and in case of inclimate weather, cancellation of outdoor worship services will be announced on our Facebook page: Indy Southside Naz.

  • During this phase, the church building will be sanitized by a professional cleaning and sanitizing company.


PHASE 2:  (July 1-31)


  • During this phase, our worship services will be moved inside the building. This will be for MORING WORSHIP SERVICES ONLY.  There will be no evening worship, in-facility Sunday School, nursery usage or programming, or children’s worship.  At this time, our worship services will return to our regular meeting time of 10:30, but we will keep them to one hour in order for our building to be evacuated and sanitized prior the beginning of our second (Matu) worship service at 12:30.

  • Worship center seating will be arranged according to social distancing requirements.  As with the outdoor services; families living within the same household may sit together, but all other seating will be arranged six-feet apart.

  • Offerings will continue to be received through online giving and an offering box located at the exit of the sanctuary.

  • Door greeters will be stationed at assigned doors, preventing the touching of door handles.

  • Temporal scanners will be used by assigned door greeters.  They will check each individual as they enter.  Any individual with a temperature above normal and/or who is deemed unsafe will be kindly asked not to attend the service.

  • The (fellowship hall) restrooms will remain closed as well as the fellowship hall.

  • Restrooms will be sanitized before and after each service.

  • Everyone in attendance will be required to wear masks. The only exception to this rule will be those who are speaking and singing while they are doing so.

  • There will be a designated “Entrance” and “Exit” for ALL OCCUPANTS.  (Staff and Patrons).

  • Each service must have an escorted dismissal (row by row) and worshipers will be exited out of the building.  (No fellowship inside the building). This will ensure that those who may be arriving early for the second service will not come in contact with those who are exiting the first service. We are expected to maintain a number of no more than fifty in a group during this period of time.


PHASE 3:(August 1-31)


  • All above protocols will continue unless otherwise stated.

  • Begin phasing in Sunday School with group-size limitations and social distancing requirements met.

  • The wearing of a mask will still be required.


PHASE 4:  (September 1)


  • Continue THOROUGH cleaning protocol after each service.

  • Masks will no longer be required.

  • All entrances and exits will be open.

  • All restrooms will be open as will the fellowship hall.

  • Chairs will be returned to normal seating arrangement in the worship center.

  • Evening services will return at 5:00pm Sunday, September 13.

  • Phase in other programs such as FX, Hope Pantry, Community night, NYI, etc.


Thank you for your patience during this very difficult and uncertain time.Again, it is necessary to be clear, each of the phases are subject to change should the situation with the pandemic change.




Pastor Ray McCrary

Lead Pastor